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After dedicating 25 years to the field of education in various roles such as lecturer, teacher trainer, primary teacher, oracy teacher, and Early Years Lead, I have amalgamated my wealth of experience and expertise to offer my services as an Education Consultant.
Alison Shorer

Philosophy for Children

My book is for teachers who place critical thinking as the core skill in the primary curriculum. It is a helpful, easy-to-use resource for those who want ideas and inspiration for philosophical teaching across all subjects. It has ten modern themes, such as biodiversity and resilience.

Available in both paperbook and eBook formats.

Philosophy for Children by Alison Shorer and Katie Quinn

If I were...

This book is a resource to springboard interesting discussions in philosophical teaching and learning practice about concepts. The beautiful illustrations help challenge the reader about the meanings of words, such as what is money? and what is love? 

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