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Teachers have to use adaptive teaching and universal provision to meet the needs of children with SEN support and EHCPs. These courses help equip teachers with the skills they need to become the best teachers of SEND and learn about the latest research from the fields of psychology and education.

Face Blind Awareness

With a suspected 2-3% prevalence rate in the population, it is crucial for educators to be able to identify and support learners with this condition. Equip your teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to create an inclusive learning environment. Learn how to recognise the functional and dysfunctional coping strategies so you can get Early Help for this disability. A unique to FB SEND Provision map will be provided. Next course - Friday 14th June 2024 (see below)
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Pathological Demand Avoidance & Demand Avoidance

This talk introduces the lesser known behaviours that can be presented within Autism. It explores the psychological processes that drive anxious behaviour to the point of not being able to do whatever is demanded of a person. Understanding the psychology of PDA/DA will enhance your teachers’ understanding. I will offer new strategies and Early Help for their learners.
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This workshop introduces the new research into the understanding that viruses can change behaviour. It can be overlooked and be misdiagnosed. Equip your teachers with the current knowledge about these conditions. Find out how to recognise it within the learners in your setting and help them get the right Early Help.
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Development Language Disorder (DLD)

This disorder is one of the most overlooked reasons why children “act out.” Many children who cannot express themselves through their language use their behaviour to demonstrate frustration. This is an introduction to DLD and how to identify it. This training talk will equips teachers to recognise this disorder for Early Help and give the better SEN support. Next course - Friday 21st June 2024
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The Psychology of Bullying

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Friday 14th June 2024 – 9.30 – 12.00

Faceblindness – Why you need to know about it

In this session you will:-

  • learn about current psychology research
  • learn about how to recognise it in your learners
  • learn about the coping strategies used
  • explore how to give early help 
  • explore how to help friendship formation
  • understand the challenges within your setting
  • explore the argument that it is a disability
  • be given a SEND provision map for your setting
  • understand how to mitigate the psycho-social consequences


audience – teachers, SENDCos, teaching assistants, 1-2-1 support workers, head teachers, home ed

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